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RFID Sticker On Bike Helmet Grants Garage Access

[Glen] could possibly describe his project of opening his garage doorway by way of an RFID sticker on his bicycle helmet as easy, but some of the interfacing he wanted to do was pretty sophisticated. He walks as a result of the job from starting to close, and there is a great deal to study from.

When designing an RFID access management technique, one has to determine what variety of reader and what variety of tags one particular wishes to use. They all perform much more or much less the identical way, but there are a large amount of simple issues to consider into account these as price, range, ease of use, and safety options. Following a whole lot of exploration, [Glen] determined on affordable sticker-design and style tags and a compatible reader supporting credentials with an ISO14443 UID that could be suitably mounted on a building’s exterior.

The true opening of the door was the very simple aspect, done by interfacing to a spare distant.

Breakout boards with completely ready-to-use code libraries exist for some RFID viewers, but that wasn’t the situation for the reader [Glen] had. He ended up rolling his own code to deal with communication with the reader, with a Microchip PIC18F45K50 doing all the work of reading tags and undertaking obtain command. His code is on the project’s GitHub repository, and if you also discover your self needing to interface to a reader that works by using the Wiegand protocol, you may well want to give it a glimpse.

Managing the genuine garage door was the straightforward component. All that took was soldering two wires throughout the switch contacts of a spare garage doorway opener distant, and applying a relay to near the contacts. Basic and successful. You can see it in action in the quick online video, embedded down below the break.

Overhead door accessibility regulate might be a very simple idea, but it will come in all designs and measurements when enterprising hackers commence hunting for solutions. We’ve found garage doorways presented the Do it yourself IoT therapy, and even seen access controlled by a car’s headlamp flashes, which actually turned out to be far more secure than it appears.