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Can technology advances bring manufacturing jobs back to North America? Hashtag Trending Weekend Edition. An interview with Eric Whitley, L2L

Can developments in know-how bring production work opportunities again to North The us?

For years we have built producing less expensive by relocating it overseas to reduce wage economies. That is experienced some devastating impacts on our producing financial state. It’s decimated communities and cities. It’s been an environmental challenge as we ship merchandise hundreds of miles unnecessarily.

In a earth wherever it is much less expensive to slice down a tree, ship the uncooked wooden abroad and bring again chopsticks to be made use of in a restaurant in a town close to you, something’s radically mistaken!

But what if technologies and the advent of what is been termed Manufacturing 4. can really carry high shelling out production jobs back to North America. Is that probable?

In this episode we examine this and a lot more with Eric Whitley of L2L. Eric has worked in manufacturing for his entire job.

Whitley was portion of the Lean Producing motion, ironically a motion started on the do the job of an American, but which was adopted extensively in Japan. Lean, adapted as “the Toyota Way” made Toyota the largest automobile company in the globe. This good results encouraged a new wave of Lean Manufacturing in North The us, conserving much of what was still left of production on this continent.

In the previous several years, Whitley had been doing the job on intelligent production systems and what has been termed Producing 4. – the “digital transformation” of production.

There is been a whole lot penned on Producing 4.. If you have seen or read some of this and want to know what is seriously going on, this dialogue with Whitley presents us a initially hand glimpse from a “sleeves rolled up” pro.