Apple announces the 2023 Apple Watch Activity Challenge

Apple announces the 2023 Apple Watch Activity Challenge

To start 2023 off right, Apple has announced the first Apple Watch Activity Challenge for the year that is about to begin. The “Ring in the New Year” challenge takes place in January and is different from other challenges that would ask you to workout for around 20 minutes, run 5K, or even participate in a yoga session; this one asks you to close the stand, exercise, and move rings for seven consecutive days in the next month.

The Apple Watch Activity Challenge encourages Apple Watch users to stay active by closing their rings and creating a fitness habit. Here’s the announcement of this New Year’s challenge:

Start 2023 off right. Earn this award by closing all three rings for seven days in a row in January.

Interestingly, this is not the first time the company has offered a similar challenge for Apple Watch users. When 2022 started, Apple invited users to take on the same test by completing all three rings for seven days in a row.

Once this activity challenge is available, users can find more details about it in the Fitness apps on their iPhones. They will be able to unlock stickers if they beat it. 9to5Mac has posted the badge and the stickers you can get if you can complete seven days in a row the three Apple Watch activity rings in January 2023.

In addition, users can get exclusive badges and create fitness habits by subscribing to Apple Fitness Plus. This fitness service can now be used only with an iPhone and offers more than a dozen workout styluses. Everything is recorded in 4K in the Apple Fitness Plus studio in Santa Monica, California. Apple Watch users can also benefit from Time to Walk and Time to Run workouts to create endurance and run their first 5K.