The Sound Of Nails On Black Vinyl Records

The Sound Of Nails On Black Vinyl Records

[Victoria Shen] modifies glue-on nails to give her the capacity to play vinyl information with her fingers. Information are gentle but from the a lot of glamour photos, it appears to be like she pushes file player needles as a result of glue-on nails with skinny pickup wire that then presumably goes to an audio jack for amplification.

Photograph of hand with record needs through glue-on nails

[Victoria] experiments with novel musical equipment for use in her art and performances. Be confident to verify out the videos of the nails in action. The mixture of “scratching” and skill to alter the speed of vinyl with the free of charge fingers makes a weird and eerie encounter.

Using her “Needle Nails”, [Victoria] has discovered she’s equipped to participate in numerous records concurrently (Nitter). Thanks to the distinctive diameters of 33, 78 and 45 vinyls, she’s equipped to stack them up while still holding her fingers on them.

Glove like musical instruments are nothing new but the novel use of trend, glamour and technological know-how let [Victoria Shen] the liberty to produce some thing uniquely weird and great, so considerably so that Beyonce used it in a video clip shoot for Vogue (Nitter).