Getting Free Karma Koins

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Free Karma KoinsOnline shopping is quickly growing and with it an increased number of payment options. One of these payment methods is the Karma Koin pre-paid card solution. The option allows users to impact positively in the society and to make all the difference that they desire to see through their shopping. Karma Koin is a secure, cash-equivalent buying power card that eliminates the imperative need to have a credit card before an individual can shop online. Tailored to fit all music, games and many different kinds of online shopping, Karma Koins add ease and convenience to online shopping. Karma Koins are available in different denominations depending on countries but is also accessible globally as $10, $25, or $50 denominations in over 75,000 stores worldwide.

How Karma Koins Work

Karma Koins is a unique option of transforming hard cash into valid currency equivalent for online spending. It solves the obvious and restrictive credit card requirement for a good number of people, allowing them to spend their money on the stuff that they need without limitations. Karma Koins also gives people the opportunity to donate to charity since every 1% worth of the purchases is given to charity. Karma Koins work through five steps. Ordinarily, individuals with cash can go to the nearest store that offers Karma Koin Cards, select the cards that are worth their money ($10, $25, $50) and buy the cards with the cash.

Alternatively, the individual may go through sites offering free Karma Koins such as or and go through the due process of getting free cards. The processes usually involve signing up into the site and receiving a confirmation link to the site. Once the member’s email is confirmed, he or she can proceed to complete tasks, advertisement offers, and surveys to earn points. When the points have met the minimum number required for swapping, the individual can convert them to Karma Koins Codes.

Whether free or bought, the card will either be emailed or mailed to the individual for use. Once you get your card, you should scratch it gently to ensure that the foil on its back is removed in order to reveal the card’s PIN number. It is this pin number that should be entered onto the merchant’s site before one can be allowed to buy the required item. Sometimes, there will be a remaining balance and the card owner can spend it on anything else.

Through Karma Koins, buyers can easily pick up cards from stores nearby and relish the comfort, safety and convenience of buying games, music and whatever else they love online. Apart from the 1% worth of purchases that is usually given to charity, Karma Koin has pledged support of around $250,000 to other charity projects such as the Waters September campaign for ensuring clean and sustainable clean water provision to thousands of Rwandese population in Rulindo District.

Where to Buy Karma Koins

There are several Karma Koin retailers worldwide. Every individual who is interested in the Karma Koins should check around for the nearest retailers in their neighborhood. The major countries with great presence of Karma Koins include the United States, Australia, New Zealand, Mexico, and Canada. Karma Koins as a prepaid solution offers this generation a rare opportunity to engage freely in an increasingly globalized economy. Launched in September 2011 by Nexon America, the option allows people to buy from major online stores. Karma Koins are available in more than 75,000 stores in the U.S., Australia, New Zealand, and Canada. These stores include CVS/pharmacy, Safeway, 7-Eleven, Walgreens, and GameStop. In most of these stores, Karma Koins are available as 10-dollar, 25-dollar, and 50-dollar denominations for use with all online merchant partners and for making massive differences in the world, a single purchase every time. The major partners of Karma Koins include Joymax, Gamerage, Nexon America, Musicshake, Z8Games and Kill3rCombo.

Where to Use Karma Koins

The cards can be used for a variety of online purchases. However, the most common uses include games, gadgets, tunes, and nuggets for digital entertainment. The only better way to use these Koins is to keep ones eyes open and pay attention to new partnerships.

How to get Free Karma Koins

Free Karma Koins!With increased application of Karma Koins, many people are in need of 100% legal and free Karma Koins. There are also a number of sites offering free Karma Koins in just a matter of minutes, averaging between 10 and 20 minutes. How many points can you earn in a day? Many members of these sites report success in making at least 1,000 points in 10 minutes. Yet, people should be aware that even free Karma Koins are earned by doing some work.

To get the opportunity to get free Karma Koins, the individual should access a site such as, either through a referral or a direct navigation and register. The individual should try to register quickly enough because he or she will earn more bonus points for completing the registration process quickly. The information provided should be correct. Take time to avoid problems due to a fake email or personal information. After signing up, check your email immediately for a confirmation link and follow the link to confirm the account.

The next step involves more work to earn points that can be redeemed into rewards and/or real money. Around 100 points will be equal to one USD, so it would require around 1,000 points to get $10 (10K Karma-Koin Code), 2,500 points to get $25 (25K Karma-Koin code). From the outset, the order seems tall, but getting these points will not be difficult if you put your heart to work. The commonest way to earn points is completing offers. The offers vary and could be ranging from liking Facebook pages, watching videos or playing games, to completion of easy and short surveys. For a start, it is prudent to go to “Earn points” tab for selection of Sponsor Pay Videos. After selecting this option, you will only need to watch some videos and earn points quickly.

When your points hit the minimum, you can go to “spend points” tab and proceed to the gift cards section. Redeem your points for the Karma Koins Code of equivalent worth. You can now enjoy using your free Karma Koins on the items which you desire.